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Chilean Crab Meat


Chilean Crab Meat New Retail Packaging

Chilean crab meat new retail packaging

Seatech has redesigned their one pound pack packaging (see page 2). The new design is great for retail sales as supermarkets can now sell high quality Chilean rock crab meat not only from the fresh counter or tray pack self serve, it can now be sold out of freezer units as well. With the high cost of crab meat cutting into sales Chilean rock crab is a great replacement to reinvigorate your sales. Chilean rock crab Metacarcinus Edwardsii is from the same family as Dungeness Metacarcinus Magister. It can be used in all recipes requiring crab meat just as Dungeness.


Great Crab At A Excellent Price

Packed from fresh cooked cluster our Chilean crab meat has a wonderful sweet briny fresh from the sea flavor. The flavor profile is the closest you can get to Dungeness crab meat. Our product is perfect for blending with Dungeness to bring down plate cost while maintaining quality. Used alone or blended with Dungeness our Chilean crab meat is excellent for all your recipes requiring crab.


Our one pound pack is excellent for both portion and quality control. End users only need to thaw out as much as they need in one pound increments which allow them to serve the best quality product to every customer. The one pound tray makes it the easiest crab meat pack on the market to portion. Divide in half for 8 ounce portions, quarter for 4 ounce portions or eighth for 2 ounce portions. Our claw and leg meat is layered over the body meat each customer will get an equal amount of claw & leg meat and body meat so each service in uniform. Also, it is very easy to separate the layers to use claw and leg meat for certain application and body meat for others.


• All natural no additives or preservatives

• Best to blend with Dungeness crab meat

• Claw meat is included in our pack

• Best pack for portion control with one pound pack

• Best pack for quality control only needing to thaw out one pound at a time

• Lower water content than most other crab meat packs for better recovery

• Pasteurized for enhanced food safety

• Wild caught sustainable


Pack size: 12x1 Lb, 8x5 Lb.


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A photograph of chilean crab meat with claw and leg meat over body meat.


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