Body Meat 8x5 Lb Pack


Seatech’s naturally sweet Chilean Crab Salad Meat is perfect for your value added products such as crab cakes, stuffed pasta, stuffed poultry or fish, appetizers, chowders as well as many other applications. Our crab is frozen in a pillow pack form as opposed to the industry standard block pack which allows our product to temper quicker. This product is from an artisanal fishery regulated by the Chilean government to maintain sustainability. We invite you to compare the taste and texture of the Chilean crab meat with the crab meat traditionally used in in your recipes.


  • 8x5 pound quick frozen pillow pack
  • Pasteurized and vacuum packed
  • Compliant with USDA’s Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • Product of Chile
  • Wild Caught and sustainable, hand caught by artisan fisherman
  • Species: Cancer Edwardsii
  • Ingredients: Crab, water, salt
  • Allergen information: contains shellfish (crab) ingredient.
  • No GMO’s



A photograph of Chilean crab body meat 5 pound pillow pack.


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