Fancy 12x1 Lb Pack


Seatech’s packed fresh Chilean crab meat is  is the ideal substitute for the much higher priced West Coast Dungeness crab. It can be blended seamlessly or used alone in virtually any recipe calling for Dungeness crab meat.


  • All natural no additives or preservatives just cooked crab meat
  • Best to blend with Dungeness crab meat
  • Claw meat included in the pack
  • Higher ratio of claw and leg meat to shoulder meat
  • Best pack for portion control with one pound tray
  • Best pack for quality control only needing to thaw out product one pound at a time
  • Lower water content than most other crab meat packs for better recovery
  • Pasteurized for enhanced food safety
  • Natural sweet briny flavor of the sea


Product Information


  • 12 x 1 pound quick frozen tray pack
  • Claw & leg meat over Shoulder meat
  • Cooked and ready to eat
  • Pasteurized and vacuum packed
  • Compliant with USDA’s Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • Product of Chile
  • Wild Caught and sustainable artisanal fishery
  • Species: Metacarcinus edwardsii
  • Ingredients: Crab, water, salt




A photograph of Chilean crab meat with claw and leg meat layered over body meat.


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