Fancy 8x5 Lb Pack


Seatech’s naturally sweet Chilean Crab Meat is a great addition to your menu as well as seafood and deli departments. It is the best crab to blend with Dungeness crab meat to bring down costs or use as a substitute all together. When blended most people will not be able to tell the difference.


The five pound vacuumed pillow pack are perfect for volume users. Our pillow pack advantages over the standard block pack. Thaw times are shorter, pasteurization times are shorter, they are easier to store and thaw  at the restaurant level and it is easier to portion out the claw & leg meat to body meat so all customers receive the same ratio. Our Chilean crab meat is flavorful, versatile and cost effective.


  • All natural no additives or preservatives just cooked crab meat
  • Packed from fresh cooked crab
  • Best to blend with Dungeness crab meat
  • Claw meat included in the pack
  • Lower water content than most other crab meat packs for better recovery
  • Pasteurized for enhanced food safety
  • Great flavor profile


Product Information


  • 8x5 pound quick frozen tray pack
  • Two packs: 40% claw and leg meat over 60% body meat and 20% claw and leg meat over 80% body meat
  • Pasteurized and vacuum packed
  • Compliant with USDA’s Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
  • Imported from Chile
  • Wild Caught and sustainable artisanal fishery
  • Species: Metacarcinus edwardsii
  • Ingredients: Crab, water, salt




The claw meat layer on this Chilean fancy crab meat 40/60 5 pound pillow pack

Fancy Pack 40/60

A photograph of Chilean crab meat fancy pack 20/80 5 pound pillow pack.

Fancy Pack 20/80


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